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Who I Am and What I Do

As an athletically active single mom of three, retired from a 20+ years career in accounting, I pursued my passion to become a certified life, energy and wellness coach.

Life is very full, and enriched by the one-on-one and group work with clients. Often I'm asked “What do you do, now that your retired?”It’s quite simple … I empower others to embrace their potential.


From the time I was a young child, my heart quest was to experience happiness, peace, and love. Yet my experiences were closer to feeling drowned in the chaos of my home life.

All that I desired seemed elusive. Similar to so many people who grow up reacting to life’s challenges and end up repeating mistakes, over and over (while expecting different results!), I kept stumbling until my high frustration level hit a wall. Getting to the place of “enough”was my line in the sand moment. I knew something had to change, and it had to come from within me.

This commitment drew me to deeply explore all the influences that affected my choices. The journey included re-visiting my early childhood role models and teachings to understand how they impacted who I had become, versus who I wanted to be.

From there, it was a continuous challenge getting to greater self-awareness, forgiveness, and gratitude.

The transformation happened in rapid fire succession - I became a single mom raising three children, and jumped fully into earning my B.S. in Accounting. It was a great time of re-awakening while learning about myself and discovering my life path and purpose.

Though my new accounting career fit that phase in my life, it became clear that something was missing. So, once again, I dove deeper into my heart to explore the potential that was waiting for me. In the process, I discovered a strong passion to connect with others, and empower them to explore their potential.

This anchored two things: 1) my belief that each person has the potential to be the best “me”, and 2) my often tumultuous journey of challenges were designed so I may empathize, then empower others, to embrace their potential.


My Experience

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in accounting from California State University, Sacramento. I was an Accounting Manager for the City of West Sacramento for 20+ years and I retired in September 2016.

Constantly looking for new ways to help people create healthier life styles, and realizing the ability I had to inspiring others, I enrolled in the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC). I graduated from IPEC on December 2, 2016.

I am also a NASM (National Academy for Sports Medicine)- Certified Personal Trainer, and I hold a Specialist Certification in Senior Fitness and Corrective Exercise.


  • Bachelor of Science, Accounting

  • NASM, Certified Professional Trainer, Specialist for Corrective Exercise and Senior Fitness

  • Associate Certified Coach, ICF

  • Certified Professional Coach (IPEC) 2016

  • COR.E Dynamics Wellbeing Specialist (CDWS)

  • COR.E Dynamics Performance Specialist (CDPS)

  • Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner Assessment

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