Empowering Others to Explore Their Potential



Karen is passionate about “Helping Women Create Wellbeing from the Inside Out.”  Her passion is fueled by her desire to inspire others to find their purpose, inner power and true self. 

Karen saw a huge need for women to experience less stress in their life. Women take on multiple roles in the business world and at home.  Additionally, women often put the needs of others above their own.    The stress comes from women not knowing how to embrace and be their true self. 

Karen’s own life experiences has brought her to where she is today to “Helping Women Create Wellbeing from the Inside Out.” Thirty years ago, Karen found herself at the lowest of low in her life.  She questioned herself on why she was living a life in fear, distrust, jealousy, anger, lack of confidence, and codependence.  She knew in her soul that life is meant to be lived in love and happiness, and she knew the life she wanted had to start within herself. 

Karen committed to improving her life experiences, with a strong belief in the power of passion and a determination to live her purpose.  Thus, Karen has become the powerful Life Coach she is today. 



Karen Bonnett graduated with a Bachelor of Science in accounting from California State University, Sacramento. She was an Accounting Manager for the City of West Sacramento for 20+ years. Karen retired in September 2016.

Constantly looking for new ways to help people create healthier life styles, and realizing the ability she had to inspiring others, Karen enrolled in the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC). She graduated from IPEC on December 2, 2016.

Karen is also a NASM (National Academy for Sports Medicine)- Certified Personal Trainer, and she holds a Specialist Certification in Senior Fitness and Corrective Exercise.


  • Bachelor of Science, Accounting

  • NASM, Certified Professional Trainer, Specialist for Corrective Exercise and Senior Fitness

  • Certified Professional Coach (IPEC) 2016

  • COR.E Dynamics Wellbeing Specialist (CDWS)

  • COR.E Dynamics Performance Specialist (CDPS)

  • Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner Assessment